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We provide all the necessary accountancy services whilst ensuring your compliance obligations are met in good time. We share these services across an extensive range of industries and sectors, representing clients from the local community and beyond. So, if your business is located in Darlington, Durham, the wider North East region or even elsewhere in England, we’d love to demonstrate our capabilities.

Company Secretarial

Company secretarial responsibilities will depend on the size and type of company, but they typically include keeping information about the company on file by Companies House up to date by rendering an annual return to Companies House. In addition we will advise the board of directors on any legal or corporate responsibilities and ensure the company complies with any legal obligations that may include organising and minuting board meetings, as well as managing any important company records for payroll, taxation, property, investments etc.


Bookkeeping and VAT Returns

Book Keeping and VAT Returns can prove a costly distraction from your business.

As companies grow, you will be required by law to become registered for Value Added Tax and charge VAT on your products or services, Chrichard and Company can deal with HMRC on your behalf to register your company and to deliver your VAT Return.

That’s why many clients outsource this responsibility to qualified experts, like us. We utilise market leading software in the preparation of your books and records so financial data is accurate and reliable.

Our expertise will ensure that not only do you fulfil statutory obligations but you can realise cash flow benefits and potential savings through the myriad of VAT schemes and options available to you. You may simply wish to engage the services of an expert.

Our comprehensive service is tailored to suit your exact needs.


Annual Accounts

Our range of services includes the preparation of non-audited accounts for limited companies, charities, limited liability partnerships, partnerships, and sole traders.

Having up-to-date accounts is critical to running a successful business. They help give a clear vision for planning, performance and appraisals, but are also required by HMRC and Companies House.

We tailor our service to fit your specific needs preparing your accounts on market leading software that is clear and effective.

There is a statutory requirement for limited companies and limited liability partnerships to prepare accounts in accordance with the Companies Act. While there is no such need for partnerships and sole traders, accounts do form the basis for input into personal tax returns and, if produced on a timely basis and with our guidance, they can assist in providing valuable management information for decision making and planning for the future.

As well as ensuring that our clients meet statutory regulations we tailor our advice to the exact requirements of our clients. The finished accounts are a business tool that can highlight areas where your tax liability can be reduced, savings be made and performance improved.


Payroll and Auto Enrolment

Payroll, like Bookkeeping, can prove to be an expensive distraction. If you are employing staff for the first time, you may need assistance in setting up your Payroll and Auto-Enrolment systems with HMRC. It doesn’t have to be a daunting matter, however. You can actually turn all of your efforts into growing and running your business by outsourcing this vital aspect.

Following the recent implementation of HMRC’s Real Time Information (RTI) and Auto Enrolment, payroll and compliance obligations on employers has grown to a reporting obligation equal to the payment frequency.

Whether you pay your employees weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually, we will ensure that they are paid on time whilst handling all necessary taxation, deductions and auto-enrolment duties. So, sit back and relax (or rather finally get round to doing those other tasks on your list!)

We are providers of the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST), an Auto Enrolment ready pension provider. This is a free employer pension provider that enables employers to meet their compliance obligations for Auto Enrolment at low cost.

Chrichard & Co have many years of experience working with these systems and can provide valuable advice, support, or management to make sure you meet all requirements by law. We work closely with you to meet your requirements.

We are happy to accept standalone payroll clients including from other practitioners.


Construction Industry Scheme

For those working in the construction industry we can prepare, file and submit monthly CIS returns, calculating the correct tax deduction. In addition, we can ensure that any CIS suffered is recovered on a timely basis.


Personal Tax

We can provide support and advice for your personal taxes, including income tax, inheritance tax, living or working abroad or offshore, national insurance, trusts, capital gains tax and more.


Business Tax

Whether this is the preparation and submission of a partnership return, or a company tax return, when it comes to business taxes we will work closely with you every step of the way. Chrichard & Co will ensure that all compliance is fully completed as part of your annual accounts submission, and can provide advice and support where necessary. This is a critical service as any late filings by your company and missing deadlines can lead to penalties.


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