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Choosing Your Accountant

It is important to choose your accountant carefully.

If you have not used an adviser before you should be aware that anyone can call themselves an accountant whether or not they are professionally qualified. The title ‘accountant’ is not a protected term. There are some non-qualified advisers who may have the experience to help you but qualified accountants have completed relevant qualifications and are regulated by a professional body.

Third party institutions often request that your accountant provide them with information and verification. Third parties may not accept verification from a non-qualified accountant which will leave you at risk. We can provide such verification, as a professionally qualified accountant and registered practice we have achieved our designation having proven our knowledge, work experience and ethics. Our skills and knowledge are kept up to date through continued professional development, we are required to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and we must renew our registration with our professional body annually.

For further information see CCAB:

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